Books and Borrowing Blog Posts (and other writing) 2021

A woman holding a scroll at a writing desk dressed in elegant clothes with an elaborate hairstyle of the 1830s.
Working from Home (again) 2021: Doing all the writing, but also totally ready for Zoom.    John Scott, Mary Anne Jervis, Lady Forester (c.1803-1893) (after James Godsell Middleton), 1834. Staffordshire Heritage & Arts.

As with last year, my blogging has all been at the Books and Borrowing, 1750-1830: An Analysis of Scottish Borrowers’ Registers

My contributions to the Books and Borrowing blog for 2021 can be found here:

I’m also happy to say that this article was published this year:

  • Matthew Sangster, Karen Baston, and Brian Aitken, ‘Reconstructing Student Reading Habits in Eighteenth-Century Glasgow: Enlightenment Systems and Digital Reconfigurations’, Eighteenth-Century Studies 54, no. 4 (2021): 935-955. doi:10.1353/ecs.2021.0098

You can consult the Glasgow student readers database here


Meanwhile I am continuing with work on my novel, The Julian Club (an early 18th-century adventure), and I have plans for both its sequel and for a new story set in early 20th-century London. Research ahoy!