William Hunter’s Library: the Cs


The letter ‘C’ is now completely transcribed from the Museum Records 3 manuscript and the entries have been matched to the Special Collections library catalogue.

Highlights from this section include a variety of Georgian medical writers, a collection of pamphlets relating to the case of Elizabeth Canning, a considerable amount of books by Cicero, and works promoting the medicinal uses of chocolate.

Find out more at the University of Glasgow Archives and Special Collections blog:

William Hunter’s Library: the Cs

Steering Group

The Project’s Steering Group convened on 14 March 2017 for an update on progress so far and a discussion of the potential of the transcription project and future projects that might emerge from it. Discovering the library of William Hunter offers new possibilities for teaching and research which were evident in our discussion. This is incredibly motivating for the creator of a new resource and I hope my work will live up to expectations.

So now onto D!

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